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The top 10 suggested movies to watch [collection two]

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This is our second collection of the top 10 suggested movies. These films have captivated viewers with their engaging stories, memorable characters, stunning visuals, and powerful themes.

Each has left a lasting impression and has been a source of entertainment, inspiration, and enlightenment. Without further ado, let’s dive into the list and see if your favorite movies made the cut!

Noah Baumbach’s WHITE NOISE, available on Netflix, is a genre-bending film with an anthology vibe. I wish there had been more time devoted to the horror and suspenseful aspects, but overall, it’s a fun watch. Image source: Heaven of Horror

1 White Noise (2022)

The movie is based on the novel by Don DeLillo and is a comedy of horrors. It deals with concerns about the prosperity of the West and its dissatisfactions, and the resulting mental fatigue and anxieties. Sometimes, ‘Snow’ resembles the early versions of Spielberg’s films.

White Noise dramatizes a modern American family’s attempts to deal with the mundane conflicts of everyday life while grappling with the universal mysteries of love, death, and the possibility of happiness in an uncertain world. It is at once hilarious and horrifying, lyrical and absurd, ordinary and apocalyptic.

It’s been established that this is unmistakably a Noah Baumbach film. He oversaw the production and adapted Don DeLillo’s novel White Noise for the screen. His previous film, Marriage Story, also starred Adam Driver (alongside Scarlett Johansson). In his 2014 film While We’re Young, Adam Driver also played a pivotal supporting role.

Like Marriage Story, this one was made for Netflix, and it’s obvious that Noah Baumbach has found a winning combination in Adam Driver and the streaming service.

He wanted to “make a movie that was as crazy as the world felt to me right now” with White Noise, the director said. From my perspective, the mission has been successfully completed. For the record, this is meant as a compliment. I found the strangeness of it all fascinating, and yet it seemed to capture the mood of the world at the moment.

Learn more about White Noise:
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“After Love” is about the concealment and lies in married life following the loss of love.

The first five minutes of After Love feature a shocking death, and the plot features a mixed marriage, secret keeping, withheld secrets, and shocking revelations, all of which are typical elements of a Channel 5 soap opera. Image source: Empire Online

2 After Love (2020)

Director Aleem Khan, who was born in England but raised in Pakistan, tells a story of lies and deception in his first feature film, a portrait of people torn between two cultures.

It revolves around Joanna Scanlan’s restrained yet wonderfully expressive performance; the actress is best known for her comedic roles in shows like Getting On and The Thick of It, but here she provides a masterclass in the dramatic power of understatement.

“After Love” is about the concealment and lies in married life following the loss of love. Joanna Scanlan plays the role of Maryam, an English woman who became a Muslim after marrying her husband and discovers his hidden life in a painful way after Ahmed’s death.

Scanlan’s performance as Maryam, and her descent into a ticking bomb that could explode at any moment, is the film’s strong point. The pain of love and the tension she faces with reality causes Maryam to grieve twice.

The death of Ahmed and the death of honesty. The film’s title only becomes clear and bitter as the film progresses. At the beginning of the film, Maryam refers to Ahmed as “love.” Now that she has lost Ahmed, is her life without him or without love? Is love the final destination?

In Pinocchio, director Guillermo del Toro has created a radical reimagining and an extraordinary experience. As well as returning to the themes of fascism and conformity he first explored in Pan’s Labyrinth. Image: Netflix via Polygon

3 Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022)

The film is an adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s novel that summarizes everything. It doesn’t capture the heart of the novel, but it is faithful to its spirit. The stop-motion animation is clean, watchable, and as alarming as the original story.

The mischievousness, cynicism, and the heart and soul that Pinocchio wears on his sleeve are made into a philosophical adaptation of the story with the definition of the tormentor’s heart. For this reason, the director has included his name in the film’s title to emphasize that it is his narrative of Pinocchio.

As a technical and artistic achievement, this is unquestionably a high watermark in the field of stop motion, which is known for being somewhat out there. With its use of rubber, clay, paper, paint, wires, and levers, this project is just as ambitious as Avatar.

But del Toro’s greatest success is in keeping the art from getting lost in all the artistry. It’s a rambunctious, wild, and tender film that wanders aimlessly at times but ultimately reaches a state of moving grace.

There are no pat solutions in the film about the severing of art from its creator. The Cate Blanchett-led film Nocturnal Animals, directed by Todd Field and nominated for an Academy Award, bravely explores the potentially explosive territory of cancel culture. Cate Blanchett in Tár (2022). Image source: Scroll

4 Tàr (2022)

This is a movie about a famous orchestra conductor named “Lydia Tar.” The collapse of her life, due to endless mistakes, desires, and neglect of those closest to her, leads her to new days.

“Tar” is about humiliation, someone who humiliates and eventually the world decides to humiliate her. Kate Blanchett’s performance, like the audible notes she conducts, goes straight to the heart.

At the height of her career, TR introduces Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett), a trailblazing female conductor of a prestigious orchestra. A former mentee’s desperate attention-seeking threatens to derail her as she gets ready to release her autobiography and perform Mahler’s Fifth Symphony for an eagerly awaited audience.

Blanchett’s searing portrayal of a successful woman who is in tune with everyone and everything except herself requires patience and an open mind to fully appreciate. In the opening moments of Tár, writer-director Todd Field transports the audience to Lydia Tár’s world, where a five-syllable word is always preferred to a simple one and where concerto titles and the biographies of famous musicians are discussed at length.

Teens, even those who are interested in the topic, may become restless due to the film’s specialized setting and initially slow pace (the film opens with the full credits — catering, production accountant, the whole shebang — on a black screen).

Once the film gets past its initial slow pace while establishing Tár’s incomparable brilliance, however, it picks up the pace to the point where the film’s lengthy length is barely noticeable.

5 Entergalactic (2022)

This animation is a comedic, romantic, and musical combination of comic books and street art that reflects the worldview of the story’s hero. The film is created by Kid Cudi; a rapper, actor, and composer, and has an album of the same name.

Due to the relatively high amount of music heard and the fantastical world of the protagonist (played by Jaden Smith) and his journey to galaxies and his fantasies, the film sometimes feels like a music video, but with a narrative that is close to today’s world and remarkable New York details.

Everything from the story to the music to the dialogue to, most importantly, the visuals, all come at you at once and stimulate your senses in a satisfying way.

Even though the FPS is below 24, the animation is smooth and lifelike. Genuinely convincing expressions. Genuinely empathetic responses. What gorgeous lights. What unforgettable moments.

A minimum of twice a week, I will watch this film. Absolutely everyone in my family thinks I have an unhealthy fixation on it. This tale of black love has soothed my spirit. Absolutely ideal casting.

The plot perfectly captures the realities of modern dating. The scenes are captivating, and the actors’ acting skills make it easy to identify with their characters. This animation is very interesting. That music is absolutely incredible. This is a lovely, heartfelt tale of ambition and love.

The protagonists of “Utama” are an elderly couple who, despite the melting of mountain glaciers and the lessening predictability of rains, continue to tend to their herd of llamas in the hope that they will eventually survive. Image source: Filmstarts

6 Utama (2022)

This film is a bold artistic statement directed by a newcomer, about the humble life of an elderly native family. Watching the struggles of living and the love between the elderly couple, their grandson, and vice versa, slowly takes the viewer’s breath away.

With the simplest signs, the least dialogue, and the most beautiful images of nature, it stirs the emotions of its audience. Our House is a deeply romantic meditation that, if you miss your father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother, will sit on the image of your memories like dew drops.

There is an elderly Quechua couple who have been living a quiet, contented life in the harsh Bolivian highlands for many years. She stays at home to care for their small herd of llamas while he goes out to find pasture for them, and she walks miles with the other women of the community to collect precious water.

Virginio and Sisa must decide whether to stay and maintain their traditional way of life or to admit defeat and move in with family members in the city after an unusually long drought threatens everything they know.

Their predicament is sparked by the visit of their clever grandson, Clever, who has brought them some bad news. They are all confronted with the realities of a shifting ecosystem, the value of customs, and the ultimate purpose of living.

The Fabelmans, a semi-autobiographical film directed by Steven Spielberg, is a moving tribute to the films that made him who he is today.

The Fabelmans, a semi-autobiographical film directed by Steven Spielberg, is a moving tribute to the films that made him who he is today. Image source: The Mancunion

7 The Fablemans (2022)

This film is a biographical account of Steven Spielberg, and that is its main highlight. His mastery in portraying his mother, his sisters, his father, himself, and of course the great director John Ford, takes his journey to the depths of his memory and even his artificial memories, making it worth watching.

A version of Steven Spielberg’s life that is loosely based on his childhood in the 1950s and 1960s in the United States and is told in a semi-autobiographical style.

This is an original story about a Jewish family, the Fabelmans, who relocate from Phoenix (Arizona) to California and then finally to Los Angeles (California). Burt Fabelman, played by Paul Dano, was an electrical engineer who worked on the development of computers.

Throughout his career, he moved wherever his job took him, and he always took his family with him. This included his ex-concert pianist wife Mitzi (Michelle Williams), their son Sammy (Gabriel LaBelle, Mateo Zoryan), and their daughters Natalie, Reggie, and Lisa, in addition to their friend Bennie Loewy (Seth Rogen).

This Spanish psychological thriller, God's Crooked Lines, starring Bárbara Lennie and directed by Oriol Paulo, will hit theaters in 2022.

This Spanish psychological thriller, God’s Crooked Lines, starring Bárbara Lennie and directed by Oriol Paulo, will hit theaters in 2022. Bárbara Lennie at God’s Crooked Lines. Image source: UpcomingSeason

8 God’s Crooked Lines (2022)

This psychological thriller is the second adaptation of a novel of the same name by Turquoise Loqatoo De Tena. The film is complex and creates a bigger knot as it progresses.

The director delves into the dark and intricate depths of the human psyche, and if we discount the clichéd portrayal of mental hospital patients, the film manages to captivate the viewer with its skillful storytelling until the final moments.

This Spanish psychological thriller, God’s Crooked Lines, starring Bárbara Lennie and directed by Oriol Paulo, will hit theaters in 2022. The novel, written by Torcuato Luca de Tena in 1979, was adapted for the screen by Oriol Paulo, Guillem Clua, and Lara Sendim. The plot follows Alice Gould (Lennie), a woman who investigates the suspicious circumstances surrounding a death at a mental institution.

The world premiere of the film took place at the 70th annual San Sebastián International Film Festival. There were six nominations for it at the 37th Goya Awards, including for Best Leading Actress (Lennie) and Best Adapted Screenplay.

A shy, ignored girl is temporarily removed from her dysfunctional family and placed with foster parents. She flourishes under their care, but there's a secret she unearths in the house where none should exist.

A shy, ignored girl is temporarily removed from her dysfunctional family and placed with foster parents. She flourishes under their care, but there’s a secret she unearths in the house where none should exist. Image source: Facebook

9 The Quiet Girl (2022)

This Irish drama, directed by John Carney and based on the novel “Foster” has been successfully adapted into a feature film. A quiet and introverted little girl is sent to the home of one of her relatives for the summer holidays, away from her large family.

Her life changes as she learns the value of living a structured life and experiences the gentle and light touch of love and affection. Values that have been lost in silence are sometimes found with small nudges. The film was nominated for Best International Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards.

Cáit, a young girl, is sent away from her dysfunctional family to spend the summer with “her mother’s people” in this 1981 film. Seán and Eibhlin Cinnsealach are a middle-aged couple she has never met before.

Cáit slowly blossoms and learns a new way of life under the care of this couple, but in this house where affection grows and there are supposed to be no secrets, she learns one.

A woman's vacation by the sea takes a sinister turn when her obsession with a young mother forces her to face her own demons.

A woman’s vacation by the sea takes a sinister turn when her obsession with a young mother forces her to face her own demons. Image credit: Sean Strong, Source: PosterSpy via Twitter

10 The Lost Daughter (2021)

A lonely woman goes on vacation and the conflicting feelings of guilt and selfishness that she has carried for years come to the surface at the end of her life in the 1950s. Olivia Colman gives a remarkable performance as a woman who is a mixture of gentleness and roughness, and Jessie Buckley is stunning as her younger self.

Evildoers have a lot of moving parts. The Lost Daughter is a dark film that brutally dismantles the ideals we usually hold about mothers. This is a movie about moms, but not about maternal love. Instead, we see decay, with moms who resent having kids. Feelings of unease and dread permeate The Lost Daughter the entire time you watch it.

Questions aren’t answered, and characters aren’t revealed, despite our anticipation. This is the kind of movie that challenges us to contemplate our own motivations for doing things in order to better understand the characters. Views on the film will vary. There will be people who can identify more closely with it than others.

The Lost Daughter expertly creates an atmosphere of unresolved anguish, of happy times that maybe shouldn’t have been. It captures that unusual feeling of regret over something wonderful that happened in one’s life.

Choosing happiness for oneself at the expense of others can be emotionally draining. The Lost Daughter is not about the heroes who make the right decisions, but it does look at the pieces of a person that are left after the villains have had their way.

The Lost Daughter is expertly realized, with a beautiful score and stunning performances. There is a lot of silence and repressed emotion in it.

Few movies are as nuanced in their examination of human selfishness, and the fact that the story itself is fleeting while the regret we see is permanent is what makes it so unsettling.

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